About Powerhoop Fitness Classes


Your new favourite workout.

Lose inches around your waist while having fun in a Powerhoop group exercise class. Our certified instructors are trained to teach exciting, effective classes that give their members fast results. Join a class and have a blast!



What Class Members say:

“I get a great workout. The classes pass quickly, and are filled with laughter."


“I always look forward to Powerhoop classes - they definitely motivate me to go to the gym.”


“I absolutely love Powerhoop, it has given me great confidence.” ​


“There's a waiting list at my club, so they're adding two more classes. Yeah!”


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What Instructors say:

“Powerhoop is amazing abdominal training; it creates wonderful spirit in a class and people keep coming back for more. The results are astounding. One of my members lost a stone in four weeks and lost inches around her waist.” --Emma Ashby, Powerhoop Instructor


“My classes are filled with laughter from start to finish. People can't believe how fun it is and what fantastic results it gives. It's both fun and effective. I've had to add classes to meet demand.” --Caroline Elman, Powerhoop Instructor


“I've never been fitter, slimmer or more toned. My classes are full to bursting and I have waiting lists, as everyone wants to come. I've had members that have lost huge amounts of weight, toned their tummies, strengthened their core muscles and reduced their back pain.” --Amanda Hindley, Powerhoop Instructor


“Out of all the classes I do Powerhoop gives the best results by far. I teach classes and training courses for Powerhoop and use it in my PT sessions. My clients love it and are shocked by the results they have got from using a Powerhoop regularly. Anyone serious about fitness should be using a Powerhoop.” --Kerry Ferguson, Powerhoop Instructor & Trainer


“I started marketing my classes as soon as I returned from the Instructor Training Course on March 31st (which was brilliant). By April 3rd the classes were fully booked and I am now arranging another class to meet the demand. Everyone is excited about starting Powerhoop classes and they all want a hoop to use at home.” --Francesca Macduff-Varley, Powerhoop Instructor


"Powerhoop is a great way to keep fit and tone your abs. It's fun and everyone can do it and see results. Classes are packed!” --Karen Lerwill, Powerhoop Instructor



Find a Powerhoop class near you on the Class Locations Map. No classes in your area? Ask your local gym to check out our Instructor Training Course.