Innertrak Fitness


The Innovators of Powerhoop and
the Weighted Fitness Hoop Workout


Innertrak is an international fitness company committed to keeping people healthy and fit, providing quality products and a top-notch training programme. Powerhoop is proud to be the leader in weighted hoop fitness:


  • Best product: The Powerhoop Deluxe is a meticulously developed, patented and design trademarked product, winner of the prestigious PIA Award for Best Consumer Product Design, and runner up for the Horners Award for Plastics Innovation and Design. The Powerhoop Deluxe is the only fitness hoop manufactured in the UK.
  • Best Workout: After years of refinements, and extensive testing in fitness classes across the UK and Scandinavia, the Powerhoop Workout has been optimised for maximum results and maximum fun. Video: Powerhoop Classes
  • Proven Results: Powerhooping has been shown to "spot reduce" the waist, in a scientific study by a renowned expert in spine biomechanics at a top research university.

Front: Company Director Karyn Seroussi and Creative Director Sophia Stutchbury
Left to right: Powerhoop Trainers Lisa Townend, Tracey Charlton, Esther White,
Andrea Macpherson, Sarah Haydon, Master Trainer Kevin d'Odemont (Mr dod),
Melissa Bond, Tania Bryant, Dianne Trower, Chanelle Luxford, Michelle Smith,
​Sheila Frampton, Master Trainer Kerry Ferguson
  • Best Training Course: A full-day Instructor Training Course endorsed by EMD-UK, CYQ and REPs, which receives rave reviews from our participants. Members of our Training Team have been carefully selected for their training skills, talent, passion, and ability to inspire and motivate our course participants. Video: What our instructors have to say
  • Best Ongoing Training: Our Pro Licensing and Benefits Package provides Powerhoop instructors with a large database of video choreography by our Master Trainers, and bespoke music. Practising instructors in our 700+ database report that they continue to teach sold-out Powerhoop classes, even several years after certification. Those surveyed consistently rate Powerhoop in their top three classes for fun, results and profitability.
  • Best Customer and Training Service: We have been told again and again by our customers and instructors that we provide the most personalised and supportive service of any other fitness company. 

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