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"Out of all the classes I do Powerhoop gives the best results by far. My clients love it and are shocked by their results from using a Powerhoop regularly. Anyone serious about fitness should be using a Powerhoop.”  --Kerry Ferguson, Powerhoop Trainer 


 Fitness hula hoop instructor training varley   “I started marketing my classes as soon as I returned from the Instructor Training Course on March 31st (which was brilliant). By April 3rd the classes were fully booked and I am now arranging another class to meet demand. Everyone is excited about starting Powerhoop classes and they all want to buy a hoop to use at home.” --Francesca Macduff-Varley, Fitness Instructor


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Teaching Powerhoop is Fun and Profitable:


• Powerhoop Instructors earn extra cash as product resellers.


• ​Instructor Training includes a free year of licensing, music and videos


• Powerhoop is a top-rated tool for personal trainers


• Powerhoop classes increase member retention: What gyms should know


• Online courses are available, in English and French​:

       Instructor Training 
       (Fitness credentials required)

       Foundation Training 
       (No prerequisites)


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Instructor Training