Powerhoop Package Deal
  • Powerhoop Package Deal
  • The Powerhoop Package Deal includes an adult Powerhoop, a Powerhoop Carrybag and the latest Home Workout DVD. Choose your hoop:

    The Powerhoop (Eurohoop) Slim: A streamlined, weighted hoop suitable for all adults, and optimised for teens and sensitive users. Its 3-lb /1.4kg weight helps slim and tone the body’s core muscles, while the non-­wavy inner surface and high-­density foam padding provide extra protection against discomfort. Eight links for easy assembly/dismantling. DVD and navy blue Carrybag with white logo included.

    Powerhoop Deluxe: The patented Powerhoop® Deluxe is many hoops in one, enabling all users to “upgrade” incrementally: The hoop starts with a basic weight of 3.5 lbs/1.6kg, and comes with four stainless steel inserts to take the weight up to 4.2 lbs/1.9kg. Eight links for easy assembly/dismantling.

    • Powerhoop Deluxe Package Deal 1 includes a navy blue Carrybag and DVD
    • Powerhoop Deluxe Package Deal 2 includes a navy blue Carrybag, DVD and four additional weights to take the total up to 4.8 lbs/2.2kg. 

  • 78.00 72.00 EUR
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